The Smart Cities Summit is a conference that brings together cities, companies, and institutions seeking for the most relevant and innovative solutions regarding the Smart City sector. The event will showcase a diversity of innovative solutions and applications from the US, Asia and Europe in Smart City governance, public service, etc. You can experience the efficiency and convenience that Smart Society will bring to governments and citizens.


Who’s Behind the Smart Cities Summit?

The event is being organised as a joint venture between Sandyford Business District and Alchemy Event Management.

Alchemy Event Management is managed by Des Doris, one of Ireland’s leading event managers Des is the founder of some of Ireland's best known business-to-business events, including The Bank of Ireland Startup Awards, The Zurich Insurance Farmer of the Year Awards, The Media Conference, The Love Radio Awards and The Media Awards, the largest Irish event of its kind for the media and advertising industry.

Sandyford Business District is designated a SMART Region, guaranteeing that businesses which choose to locate here will benefit from a network of intelligence, the finest technological infrastructure and highly educated workforce. SBD is home to major international organisations at the forefront of the Smart Cities movement.

Who will attend?

300+ delegates will attend comprising of decision makers from local authorities all over Ireland as well as planners, architects, designers, town planners, telecoms, utility companies, construction companies, transport providers, investors, tourist agencies, technology providers, connectivity specialists, standards bodies, industry associations and media.



Some of the key themes to be addressed at The Smart Cities Summit 2017 include:

·         Technology Forecast for Smart Cities

·         Smart Transportation/smart parking

·         Smart Retail

·         Smart Solutions for Places

·         Smart Outdoor Displays, wayfinding systems, smart lighting,

       smart energy, smart buildings

·         Smart Cities and quality of life

·         Smart (local) Government

·         Understanding and solving the privacy challenges


Who is Speaking?

The format of the event will revolve around several keynote speakers, interspersed with “fireside chats” as well as group discussion panels.

Speakers and panellists will include a number of well-known Irish and international experts in their respective fields.