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About National Broadband Ireland (NBI)

The National Broadband Plan (NBP) is the largest ever telecommunications project undertaken by the Irish State – addressing 1.1 million people. The project aims to radically transform the country’s broadband landscape through the delivery of quality, affordable high-speed broadband to all parts of Ireland where such services are not currently available commercially.

The network will be designed, built and operated by National Broadband Ireland (NBI) who are making its services available to the rollout area through our customers, broadband service providers.

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About Vodafone Ireland

Vodafone is Ireland’s leading total communications provider with 2.3 million customers and employs over 2,000 people directly and indirectly in Ireland.
Vodafone provides a total range of communications solutions including voice, messaging, data and fixed communications to consumers and to small, medium and large businesses. Since 2011, Vodafone has expanded its enterprise division, offering integrated next-generation fixed and mobile solutions in addition to cloud-based platforms, machine to machine services and professional ICT support.
Vodafone Group is one of the world’s leading international mobile communications groups with mobile operations in 25 countries, partners with mobile networks in 44 more, and fixed broadband operations in 18 markets. For more information, please visit

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About eTownz

eTownz is a digital services company at the forefront of Smart Community concepts in Ireland. 

This year eTownz were commissioned by a group consisting of over 40% of all Irish Local Development Companies to prepare a six module curriculum on “Smart Villages”.

Pat and his eTownz team are also national representatives for Ireland on the pan EU research project “Smart Rural 21″ and “Smart Rural 27”.

After a decade of University based research and numerous community trials, eTownz have developed the “eTownz Dashboard”. This digital tool helps the local development sector and grass roots community volunteers to successfully co-create community plans and manage day-day local development activity in both rural and urban communities.


About WestTech

We are an award winning full service B2B IT Company Dublin, one of the leading Ireland software companies that provides Hardware, Software, Managed IT & Bespoke Services to businesses of all sizes across Ireland & The UK.

We manage your complete IT infrastructure so you can focus on core business, turning your IT into an asset not an obstacle.

With over 15 years of experience working in the IT industry, we pride ourselves on customer service excellence and providing our customers with value for money.


About Smart Dublin

Smart Dublin brings together technology providers, academia and citizens to transform public services and enhance quality of life.

Founded by the four Dublin Local Authorities, our goal is to future-proof the Dublin region by trialing and scaling innovative solutions to a wide range of local challenges.

From tackling the climate crisis to bridging the digital divide, we believe that through collaboration and innovation we can build a better, more resilient Dublin.


The Dutch Embassy in Ireland: the gateway to knowledge and experience in the Netherlands.



The Irish Electric Vehicle Owners Association (IEVOA) is a community of EV enthusiasts, drivers, owners, past, present and future! Our commitment as an association is to represent our members through our lobbying with public bodies, private companies and elected representatives. We represent all EV drivers, soliciting input from our membership, including private members and corporate sponsors


About Northern and Western Regional Assembly

The Northern and Western Regional Assembly aims to play a transformative role in the success of our region. Our Vision is to craft a creative, vibrant and low-carbon regional economy. Our members and team simply want to ‘connect’ the strengths of this incredible region and celebrate its unique sense of place. The Assembly is intent on leading Ireland into 2040.
Our objectives are clear. The Regional Assembly is intent on adopting international best practice in planning & development in order to create BETTER PLACES. Underpinning this approach is the commitment to enhancing COMPETITIVENESS through policies that build resilience and sustainability, working with our stakeholders to utilise EU & Exchequer funding. Achieving this will be done through a dedicated and principled approach to COLLABORATION.The Regional Assembly has a vision to enhance our region’s competitiveness through ‘CONNECTING’ and building on our strengths. The Regional Assembly is playing a lead role in the success story of this region.


About Connected Hubs

Western Development Commission (WDC)

The Western Development Commission (WDC) is a statutory body promoting economic and social development in counties Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon, Mayo, Galway and Clare. The WDC is involved in policy analysis and regional development, the promotion of regional initiatives and the operation of the Western Investment Fund.

The National Hub Network is sponsored and funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development and project managed by the Western Development Commission. The project has grown from a pilot initiative in the Atlantic Economic Corridor to a national rollout involving over 400 hubs.


About Grow Remote                                                  

Grow Remote is a social enterprise, with a mission to enable people to work, live and participate locally. As a community development organisation, it sees remote work as a key driver of local and regional development, by unlocking job opportunities from urban centres and making them available to everyone regardless of location. 

Grow Remote partners with both companies who are already fully remote, and with those who want to make the transition to remote. It has over 140 ‘chapters’ of remote workers across Ireland and beyond, led by local volunteers who give their time to support remote workers locally, or help people in their community to find remote jobs. They also offer fully funded training programmes for job seekers, employees and managers of remote teams.

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